C’est Si Bon featured in Cheese CONNOISSEUR Magazine!

More cheese, please! Whether it’s our famous Palm Beach Cheese Puffs or Blue Cheese Filet Popovers, our hors d’oeuvres with cheese are always a party-favorite. In our gourmet shop, customers hosting guests at their homes turn to our wide selection of specialty cheeses from around the world to add to a green salad, a cheese & charcuterie board, or to serve alongside a tin of caviar and pâté. No matter the occasion, we have continued to uphold a reputation for our cheese offerings and were recently recognized by Cheese CONNOISSEUR Magazine in the story titled, “A Focus on Feta.”


“At C’est Si Bon, a gourmet grocer and catering shop in Palm Beach, FL, zucchini pancakes with Feta, scallions and minced dill are the customer favorite among the dishes that incorporate Feta, according to Aris and Pat Voyer, who opened the shop in 1983.

C’est Si Bon offers two types of Feta for sale. Mt. Vikos organic Greek Feta, made from a blend of sheep and goats’ milk, “is traditional with a ‘bite’ — great on salads, omelets and pizza,” says Pat. Valbreso, a 100 percent pure sheep’s milk Feta from France, “is creamier and milder than traditional Greek Feta, though still crumbly and great on salads. It is also a great choice on a cheese board with figs, walnuts and a glass of port wine.” – Written by Joyce Reingold


Read the rest of the article here: https://www.cheeseconnoisseur.com/a-focus-on-feta/ 

Visit C’est Si Bon in Palm Beach to shop for feta and a variety of other specialty cheeses: 280 Sunset Avenue; (561) 659-6503